November 27, 2017 0 comments

Humans for Peace Institution was honoured to be part of the trip organized by World Folk Music Ottawa to Almonte  town as Building Immigrant Bridges in Our Rural Communities. The trip was well attended by more than 50 guests from different cultural background living in Ottawa.


After arriving we had a local guided tour that shows history and opportunities for immigration to explore the beauty of the town, local facilities, services, and the business opportunities. Then we arrived at Mississippi Textile Museum. Then a guided tour that shows history and opportunities for immigration was desighed in the downtown (business are) and around the Mississppi River.

Then the group went to see NBA funded basketball court and Almonte’s own James Naismith - inventor of basketball, community garden, skateboard & family park/hockey arena. At a local Church people started   open discussion with to Mississippi  Mills mayor Mr. Shaun McLaughlin. Mr. McLaughlin talked about the importance of the visit, rural immigration, efforts made to welcome everyone to the town to feel home. Then it was followed by short presentations about Humans for Peace Institution. After a lovely and delicious potluck dinner prepared by the local new families.


After that child for Peace sang 2 songs for the audience and dance one folk dance. Followed by One World Choir, who sang 4 songs.


  • The purpose of the event is to build bridges between recent urban immigrants and rural communities and between different ethnic, racial, and faith groups.
  • The event emphasizes the important role of culture, civil society, and democracy in the successes and challenges of rural immigration.
  • While building on the history of each rural community, the event will encourage a positive view of the future of new immigration settlement in Eastern Ontario.
  • It is a community focussed project, with activities that include a local tour of the rural community, sharing of cultural presentations, and facilitated discussion.