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Saturday 30 July 2021, The Arab Soccer Friendship Championship ended with the final match between Iraq FC and Yemen FC. The winner of the match and championship was the Yemeni team.
This championship was organized by Humans for Peace Institution and Canar TV and managed by captain Noor Sakhniya.

For the Frist time all matches were broadcasted live on Canar TV and recorded on the YouTube.

There were 12 team participated in this championship:
Alahli Syria FC
Erbil Syria FC
Iraq International FC
Iraq FC
Elman Star FC
Happy Boys FC
Mama Africa FC
Ottawa Rebels FC
Yemen FC
Nile FC
Pharoahs FC
Alzowaraa FC

Congratulations to the winner the Yemen team winning the Iraqi team at the final game 4:2 and secure the championship of this year. We would like to thank all the 12 participating team for their commitments, friendship, and beautiful and clean play. We also would like to thank all referees, all audience and all volunteers who helped us in this organization.

Canar TV and Humans for Peace Institution would like to thank is Excellency the Ambassador of Yemen and the Dean of Arab Ambassadors in Canada Mr Jamal Al-Sallal and his Excellency the Ambassador of Iraq Dr. Wadee Al-Batti, member of Parliament for Nepean Mr Chandra Arya and the city councilor for Kanata Mr Eli El-Chantiry.

This Championship would not be possible without the generous donation of our sponsor so I would like to thank the platinum sponsor the real estate Mr Ahmad Akeela and the final game sponsor Islamic Relife Canada.


to watch all games :