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Humans for Peace Institution, a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to fostering peace and providing opportunities for individuals facing adversities around the world. We have recently come across a remarkable individual named Heba Ibrahim, who was born legally blind in both eyes in 2001. Her diagnosis and medical reports showed bilateral sever retinal fibrosis, with right vitreo-retinal dysplasia and tractional retinal detachment in both eyes (retinal fibrosis syndrome).

Heba's story is both inspiring and heartwarming. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout her life, she has exhibited unwavering determination and an indomitable spirit. Heba's passion for knowledge and education has driven her to pursue a Master's degree this coming fall as she completed her bachelor’s degree from Jordan University this summer in very good standing. However, due to financial constraints, she is unable to afford the necessary equipment to support her academic endeavors.

Heba's educational journey holds great promise not only for her personal development but also for the positive impact she already made in her community. She aspires to utilize her acquired knowledge and skills to champion the rights of individuals with disabilities, advocate for inclusivity, and contribute to the advancement of her society.

Recognizing Heba's potential and her extraordinary desire to succeed, and her urgent needs to have a The BrailleSense6 notetaker. By providing Heba with the necessary tools, we can enable her to access educational resources, assistive technologies, and educational software that will aid her in her studies and ensure equal opportunities for success.

Your generous donation and support to buy BrailleSense6 notetaker will not only empower Heba in her academic pursuits but also serve as a catalyst for social change and inclusivity. We firmly believe that investing in individuals like Heba, will create a ripple effect of positive transformation, inspiring others and fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Thank you for your dedication to making a difference in the lives of individuals who truly deserve a chance to pursue their dreams. Together, we can empower Heba and countless others like her to overcome obstacles and create a brighter future.

GoFundMe/Heba/products/braille-sense-6 (Page coming soon)

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