February 21, 2024 0 comments

Humans for Peace Institution and World Multicultural Festival are thrilled to announce the participation of esteemed panelists from diverse cross-cultural communities across Canada in an upcoming event aimed at addressing the pressing issues of equality and fraternity in our nation.

In the wake of escalating polarization that poses a threat to Canada's democracy and social cohesion, this panel discussion aims to unite respected members from various cultural and faith-based backgrounds in the National Capital Region. By fostering equity, dignity, fraternity, and solidarity among multicultural and multi-faith communities, the panel seeks to contribute positively to the fabric of Canadian society.

Moderating the panel will be Sarah Onyango, a prominent figure known for her advocacy and leadership in promoting intercultural understanding and social harmony.

Each panelist will be given five minutes to share their insights on the topic, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives are represented. To avoid repetition, panelists are encouraged to share their topics of discussion in advance, focusing on how we can translate ideals of equality and fraternity into tangible realities in Canada. This includes establishing a firm foundation for the next generation, ensuring a society where every individual feels valued and respected regardless of their cultural or religious background.

The event will take place virtually via Zoom, with the link to be shared with panelists one week prior to the event. We invite all participants to share the attached poster in their networks and on social media platforms to extend the invitation to a wider audience.

Join us in this crucial conversation as we strive to build a more inclusive and harmonious Canada for all its residents.

For more information and updates, please visit our Facebook page: [Insert Facebook page link].

We look forward to your participation and contributions towards promoting equality and fraternity in Canada's multicultural landscape.