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Family Chanukah Concert Sing Along with the Ottawa Klezmer Trio


Ottawa Sunday November 25th 2018, More than 400 people attended to Clap, and sing along at Family Chanukah Concert with the "Ottawa Klezmer Trio" - Floralove Katz, Vocals; Natasha Guiller, Piano; David Renaud, Clarinet), and special guest artists (including a Syrian Refugee Children’s Choir for Peace).

Humans for Peace Institution represented by the Children for Peace Choir had a great pleasure to take a part Family Chanukah Concert Sing Along with the Ottawa Klezmer Trio by singing O’ Canada; How Many   Candles; Peace, Salaam, Shalom; and   “Give Us a Chance” - in Arabic and English.

Children for Peace were represented by  Alahmad, Kenan; Alahmad, Omar; Alahmad, Abdul rahman; Ali, Hamza; Ali, Jawad; Ali, Sara; Alzoubane, Ghofran; Alzoubane, Noran; Hussain, Abdualkadir; Mostafa, Alaa; Mostafa, Yousf; and lead by Dr. Yusra Kassim and Mr Mohammad Ali. The founder and president of Humans for Peace Institution Dr. Mohd Jamal Alsharif said “ one of the most important mission for Humans for Peace Institution is to promote multi- faith dialogues. We are here to show the world the beauty of Canada and the religious tolerance we have. Religion is the relation between us and God, but humanity is our relation to each other. We have to lead talk to each other and listen to each other, that is the only way to reach peace and love... we have to teach our kids to love everyone no matter what is his religion or color”. Then he added "love brings peace and peace brings freedom"