March 12, 2021 0 comments

Due to COVID-19, Humans for Peace Institution organized 6 successful weeks of Virtual program from May till December 2020 (a week a month). We had more than 300 seniors who joined our online virtual meetings. All programs were delivered for free. Our Programs Team has been working hard to provide the best programming so no one feels left out.

Mondays we had fitness classes, were participants were encouraged to have fun and be physically active. They learned new skills as they attended and participate in several forms of physical activity. Activities were chosen and modified to utilize materials and space that is available to everyone at home or that are easily accessible.  

Tuesdays we had Yoga classes, to introduce gentle movement to assist with healing body and mind and provide the opportunity for participants to explore Yoga in a non- competitive and supportive environment. Clients increased mobility and managed stress by stretching their muscles in this class.

Wednesdays we had Music classes, where music empowered participants with self-expression and increased self-confidence, in this music therapy program, participants gained the opportunity to learn new songs, sing, and dance along with the music. The supportive, warm atmosphere of this program provided a safe space for participants to make their own sound, and had been shown to increase self-confidence.

Thursdays we had Art classes, to have fun, be creative, and express themselves in our online art class. They learned new skills while participating in a number of fun art projects. Projects were chosen and modified to utilize materials that you already have at home.

Fridays we had Fun meetings, designed to get together to experience a variety of activities, including a game day, presentations, jokes, story telling, sports and other activities that were of interest to the group.