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Ottawa , November 29th,  2019

On behalf of Humans for Peace Institution, Dr Yusra Almosuli thanked the Somali family center for the organization of this grassroots gala, and for having The Humans for Peace Institution  share their 27 year celebration of community service.

As mentioned by Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther Kings wife, “the greatness of a community is measured by the passionate actions of its members “Dr Yusra Almosuli said in her speech . We have all witnessed the Canadian generosity in welcoming the Syrian refugees. Here in HPI we were happy to have the youth participating and integrating in their adopted community. A group of Syrian youth made paintings donation to fundraise for the Canadian blood services and the Ottawa Inuit Children Institute. They had also organized blood donation campaigns to give back to their community. To our joy, not only the youth participated in these activities but even children in the heart to heart project, who had painting exhibition to fundraise for the children’s hospital of eastern Ontario. All these activities and many others have shown the ultimate passion of integration and belonging to our adopting community

After that Children for Peace sang songs for the audience and then Mr Ali , Dr Alsharif , Dr Yusra and the children presented the Executive Manger of the Somali Centre for Family Services a painting from the children.