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The HPI, Geomatics Applied Learning Program has been designed to train students to take advantage of the many excellent open-source GIS software programs now available.  The software used is recently developed and has been fully tested to operate without issue. The instructions provided are clear, concise and fully illustrated with many screen shots to guide a user through the various in-class-demo steps. They include practical, hands on, activities, training students in the use of QGIS and associated plugins.

One of the in-class-demos includes a study of sea level rise in St. Andrews, Scotland. The sequence of scenes, shows the sea level rising by 2, 4, 6, 8.5 and 10 metres. An increase of this magnitude may appear exaggerated at the present time, but the IPCC has predicted that sea level rise will continue for centuries and millennia even if CO2 emissions stop.  During the last interglacial warm spell, the sea level increased by 8.5 metres before the climate changed to an ice age.


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