May 3, 2018 0 comments

Humans for Peace Institution organized a “Thank You Volunteers’ Party”. The party took place on Saturday 29th April and was attended by many volunteers and their partners and friends who helped over the past years. The party was kindly hosted in Ottawa.

Dr. Yousra Kassim, VP for women’s affairs, said ‘It was a fantastic day and it was great to have the opportunity to say a huge thank you and well done to volunteers, past and present, for all that they do for our community.’

Then the board of directors presented appreciation certificates to all attendees, and thanked them personally.

Then Dr Alsharif, founder and president of Humans for Peace Institution, presented a “Peace Hero” Medals for Dr. Yousra Kassim, Dr. Abdulla Al-badarneh, Mr. Mohammad Ali, Ms. Yasmin Asgarali, Mr. Noor Sakhniya, Mr. Eric Purdie, and Mr. Mohammed Nasser Alzoubani.