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Saturday, February 16, 2019: Ottawa

It is with great pleasure and honour for Humans for Peace institution to participate at the special event dedicated to International Mother Language Day (IMLD) ) and the Year of Indigenous Languages 2019.  The purpose of this event was to create learning and sharing environment on “Enriching Canada’s Diversity Model Through Mother Languages”.  The event was organized by Pro-active Education for All Children’s Enrichment (PEACE), in collaboration with Bangla Caravan.

PEACE is a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to educate Canadian children and youth in a way that ensures inclusion, a multicultural perspective, and respect for diversity. Bangla Caravan is a community organization whose mandate is to share the rich Bangali culture and heritage with the Canadian multicultural mosaic.
In November 1999, the UNESCO General Assembly proclaimed February 21 as International Mother Language Day, and in May 2009, the UN General Assembly called upon the member states "to promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world". Since 2000, IMLD has been observed annually to promote diversity, peace and multilingualism around the world.

We are proud that Canada plays a vital role as a world leader in this historical milestone by promoting diversity to achieve unity among the various communities in the world, and encouraging multilingualism.

On December 5th 2018, after its second reading at the Senate, Bill S-247, “International Mother Language Day” was sent to the Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology. Honourable Senator Mobina Jaffer, who sponsored the bill rightly said, “This bill will promote mother languages and linguistic plurality as central to an individual’s identity and cultural development”. In November 2017, the City of Ottawa proclaimed February 21 as International Mother Language Day. This would be the day to celebrate and share about our past and heritage through mother languages

Humans for Peace institution worked diligently with several institutions and organizations, including the City of Ottawa, OCDSB, OCSB, Ottawa Public Library and CCUNESCO to be part of this event.

The theme for the celebration this year was: “Let's Talk! Do Mother Languages Matter?”