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September 29th, 2019 


Humans for Peace Institution (HPI), represented by Mr Eric Purdie,  attended and show a lot of information about the institution in the Kids for Peace Event. As a part of this event we introduced children and their families to HPI and encouraged them to learn about our organization, spread the message of Peace and volunteer at some of our key events.  HPI is happy to have contributed to this successful event. Aside from the HPI table, there were other tables including lego construction, stress relief, police services and firefighters in attendance. The children were able to play with lego and build lego structures, practice stress relief, learn about the Police and what they do, learn about firefighters and fire trucks.


They were happy to be able to interact with their favourite movie characters from Batman, Wonderwoman and Deadpool.



We hope this event will be a stepping stone for future events capturing the hearts and minds of our young.