April 15, 2024 0 comments

Ottawa, April 14, 2024 — The 6th Mandarin Speech Contest for primary and secondary school students took place on Sunday, April 14, 2024, in Ottawa. The prestigious event was marked by the participation of Dr. Jafar Abdelhadi, representing the Humans for Peace Institution.

Dr. Abdelhadi, a respected member of the institution, served as a member of the jury for the competition, showcasing his commitment to fostering peace and understanding through linguistic and cultural initiatives. His involvement emphasized the importance of promoting cross-cultural communication and language education among young students.

The Mandarin Speech Contest provided a platform for students to display their language proficiency, confidence, and eloquence in Mandarin, while also promoting cultural exchange and appreciation. Participants engaged the audience with a wide range of topics, demonstrating the diverse perspectives and talents of the young speakers.

Dr. Abdelhadi's presence at the event underscored Humans for Peace Institution's dedication to nurturing the next generation of global citizens who can communicate and collaborate across cultures. His expertise and guidance as a jury member contributed significantly to the success of the contest.

The event was attended by educators, students, and community members who celebrated the achievements of the participants. It was a testament to the growing interest in language education and the efforts to strengthen cultural ties within the community.

The Humans for Peace Institution continues to support initiatives that encourage cultural dialogue and peace-building efforts, and Dr. Abdelhadi's involvement in the Mandarin Speech Contest exemplifies the organization's commitment to these goals.