June 24, 2020 0 comments

Humans for Peace Institution announces the launch of the "Message of Peace" campaign under the supervision of Dr. Hana Al-Shloul from the University of Jadara / Jordan Human Peace Organization (Canada-Ottawa) announces the launch of the "Message of Peace" initiative in the form of targeted videos on very important themes of international peace and human rights, focusing on focus on the rights of women and children. 

This initiative could be considered the first in the world, because it focuses on the cinematographic element to embody suffering and achieve maximum human rights objectives, unlike some initiatives that publish real videos and aim to hide the face. of the victim for fear of public opinion, which makes lack of incarnation of what is behind the problem.

 In this initiative, the content is presented with courage and without fear, because it is an acquired right according to international laws. There is a diversity in the appearance of the teams, according to the subject, the title and the incarnation of personalities. This initiative welcomes all ideas and attracts talents who believe in human rights. The initiative announced today its first video that talks about the right of women to live in peace and security in their homes, and free from humiliation or attack. This is unfortunately not the case for a large percentage of women, not only in the Arab world, but in the whole world. The work team is supervised by Dr. Hanaa Al-Shloul, from the University of Jadara in Jordan.

 There are two groups in this team: - The first group is responsible for the organization and is made up of students and graduates from all Jordanian universities. - The second group is responsible for the creation and appearance in front of the screen and it consists of: Mayar AlTiti - student at Jadara University (the Video Star), Rajaa Muhammad Khalaf - graduate of the University of Science and Technology of Jordan, Nour AlTiti - graduate from Yarmouk University, Ahlam AlTiti - student at Al-Balqa Applied University (Makeup), and Duaa Mhuammad - student at Jadara University. This initiative is part of a great team that believes in "planting peace to reap love".


video   https://youtu.be/zzzFeui4its