February 28, 2024 0 comments

On Wednesday, 28th February 2024, Dr. Jamal Alsharif, the President of Humans for Peace Institution, participated in a panel discussion on the occasion of International Mother Language Day. The virtual event, held via Zoom, addressed the theme: "Why is International Mother Language Day Now More Important and Urgent Than Ever Before?"

The panel discussion aimed to shed light on the critical significance of preserving and advocating for diverse languages and cultures, especially in the face of present challenges threatening their existence. It also explored the vital role of mother languages in fostering empathy and human connection, particularly in combating rising trends of polarization, extremism, misinformation, and violence across the globe.

During the discussion, Dr. Alsharif and other panelists delved into various topics, including the significance of mother languages in preserving cultural identity and heritage, the role of diverse languages in enhancing empathy and nurturing human connections, strategies for addressing threats to linguistic diversity, and the potential of International Mother Language Day in promoting a more just and peaceful world.

Dr. Alsharif's participation and insights contributed significantly to the enriching discussion, providing valuable perspectives on the importance of linguistic diversity in fostering understanding and harmony among diverse communities.

The panel discussion was attended by a diverse audience of scholars, activists, and community members, who actively engaged in the dialogue, sharing their experiences and perspectives on the central theme.

Overall, the event served as a platform for meaningful discussions and reflections on the importance of upholding and celebrating linguistic diversity, with participants expressing their commitment to promoting multilingualism and language preservation initiatives in their respective communities.