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Environment Canada has confirmed that three additional tornadoes touched down in western Quebec on Friday — bringing the day's total number of twisters in the Ottawa-Gatineau area to six.  At around 3:30 p.m. ET, a tornado touched down about 30 kilometres from Mont-Laurier, Que., near the Baskatong reservoir, the weather agency said Tuesday. It likely travelled about 10 kilometres through the wooded area, snapping trees and downing power poles as it went. About 90 minutes later, another touched down near the Val-des-Bois, Que, area, about 90 kilometres north of Ottawa. That twister travelled east-northeast for about 13 kilometres, damaging buildings and snapping trees before dissipating near the town.

 In Ottawa , we were struck with 6 tornadoes last weekend. Everyone get out to help and volunteer, immigrants, local, native, refugees, minorities, religious, scientists, workers, services, political leaders, business people,,,everyone...And what must destroy the city, makes us #STRONGER_Ottawa... Thanks for all volunteers and first responders..HumansPeace

Humans for Peace Institution team from newcomers and refugees, who always feel part of this great community and as contribution with main stream society went to help those affected by the tornados and offer professional work and reconstruction extra to the help with the cleanup.

Mohammad and Khalodoun are Syrian refugee and they helped alomst weekly with the affected poeple. 


Mustafa - a Syrian/ Iraqi volunteer - dedicates 2 hours every Sunday morning (10a.m-12p.m) to help Mrs. Nicole build fences for her 15 horses. He dug several holes. Other volunteers came later and help put the poles up before concrete/cement was poured in to stabilize/fix the poles.

Humans for Peace Institution also start fund-raising comparing to rebuild some houses and farms in the Ottawa- Gatineau area.

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