December 21, 2017 0 comments

The project was designed by Humans for Peace Institution (HPI) HumansPeace to send New Year and Holiday greetings to the whole world from Ottawa, Canada, the Capital of Peace. People from a variety of backgrounds participated, including color, gender, languages, and religions. The aim this year is to send wishes from Ottawa to all people with a message of peace and love in different languages. Last Year video had over 600.000 views via social media.


Yes, Canada and Ottawa are great, and HPI wishes all of you Happy Holidays.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project Senator Jim Munson Chandrakanth Arya Mohammd Ali Alicia Borisonik Nour El Kadri Jamal Hamed Sawrav Barua Catherine McKenna Michael Qaqish منير قاقيش Abdullah H. Al-badarneh Céline Ruest Yousra L Kassim Lilia Liloucha Yasmin Asgarali Usha Ahuja Rafat Harb Abu Qais محمد ناصر محمد حرب BalaBrahmanandam Madaparthi Korean Cultural Centre Canada Monica Gupta Gipsy Ghosh Gipsy Ghosh Connor Williams Punita Patel Shrikant Patel Sekou Kaba Sofia Atiyat William Amos Hara Patel Adam Alsharif Jam Alsharif