October 31, 2023 0 comments

Ottawa, October 27, 2023 — A significant meeting took place in Ottawa today, bringing together prominent leaders in the field of peacebuilding and international development. President of Humans for Peace Institution, Dr. Jamal Alsharif, Vice President Dr. Abdullah Albadarneh, Vice President Dr. Yousra Almousli, and Ms. Sarah Bolger from IOD PARC convened to discuss critical aspects of the peace process and to lay the groundwork for a collaborative celebration between the two organizations.

The meeting, held at a neutral and symbolic location in Ottawa, aimed to bolster ongoing peace initiatives while forging strong ties between Humans for Peace Institution and IOD PARC, an international organization specializing in program evaluation and development.

The discussions primarily centered on the progress and challenges in global peace efforts. Dr. Jamal Alsharif, recognized for his unwavering dedication to peace and humanitarian causes, emphasized the urgency of nurturing a culture of peace worldwide. Dr. Alsharif reiterated the organization's commitment to creating a more peaceful and equitable world and offered gratitude for the support of partners like IOD PARC.

Dr. Abdullah Albadarneh and Dr. Yousra Almousli, both accomplished leaders in their own right, presented innovative strategies for promoting peace and discussed the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The meeting served as a platform for exchanging ideas, strategies, and best practices in peacebuilding.

One of the key outcomes of the meeting was the announcement of a joint celebration to mark the collaborative efforts between Humans for Peace Institution and IOD PARC. This event, set to take place in the coming months, will be a testament to the shared commitment to peace and development. It will also provide a platform to showcase the organizations' accomplishments and inspire others to join the journey toward global peace.

Ms. Sarah Bolger, representing IOD PARC, expressed her appreciation for the meeting's outcomes and the promise of a collaborative celebration. She lauded the shared vision for peace and development and highlighted the potential of their partnership in creating a lasting impact.

The meeting in Ottawa demonstrated that peace is not just a lofty ideal but an actionable goal that can be achieved through the dedication and collaboration of organizations like Humans for Peace Institution and IOD PARC. The upcoming celebration promises to be an event that celebrates achievements, fosters hope, and inspires continued efforts to build a more peaceful world.

As the discussions concluded, it was evident that the meeting had not only strengthened existing partnerships but also laid the foundation for a new chapter in the journey toward global peace and development.