September 24, 2018 0 comments

On September 21st , 2018 two tornados strikes the city of Ottawa and the city of Gatineau and left a lot of people homeless and without power  and food.  Thousands of residents in the area are coping with heartbreaking loss and destruction caused by the severe storm system that tore through the region. Storm damage is so severe that many impacted neighborhoods remain inaccessible. Tornadoes strike quickly, leaving communities around the country devastated in their wake. In the aftermath of a severe storm or tornado, the Humans for Peace Institution in Ottawa responded fast  and provides many relief services, including Shelter and feed of some residents; distribute clean-up supplies such as shovels, rakes, tarps, and work gloves; help with the clean- up of those homes impacted by storms; provide mental health support; and make a donation for the Canadian Red Cross.

“This is our home, and we are part of a community. We have to do our best and show how strong we are. Community will be strong if it comes to unity, epically coming together in times of need ”  Dr. Alsharif said.