February 24, 2020 0 comments

Yasmin Nafeesa Asgarali-Glassford (Yasmin Asgarali), 63, passed away at home from a myocardial infarction (heart attack) last week; a surprise to all because of her apparent good health and passionate interest in health.

Born in a small town in Trinidad, Yasmin, at the age of 12, emigrated to Canada with her family, arriving during the depths of a Winnipeg winter in December 1969. There, Yasmin, her brother Ashmede, and sisters Shamina and Rafeya, attended high school and then the University of Manitoba.

The U of M was where she met her husband, Mark Glassford. They married in 1979 and moved to Ottawa for Mark to continue his studies as an architect. They settled in Aylmer, Quebec, where they raised their two children, Sayyad and Zahra. Yasmin was a devoted mother and stayed at home with the children in their early years.

When she re-entered the workforce, she played a key role in several federal government departments. While she had a successful career as a public servant, her biggest impact became apparent during her retirement years.

Retiring in 2012, she enthusiastically returned to a prior interest in photography, devoting time to capturing events and people. Being interested in helping the lives of people that she met, she became an active community volunteer and contributed her time and expertise to several organizations. Her impact across the community is apparent by the many lives she has touched, and her loss has been devastating.

Yasmin is survived by Mark Glassford, children Zahra and Sayyad, her mother Hasina, brother Ashmede, and sisters Rafeya and Shamina.

The Janaza (prayer for the deceased) will be carried out on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 and will occur after the midday Zuhr prayer. Prayers will start at 12:30pm, and will be held at the South Nepean Muslim Centre at 3020 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa. Burial at the Muslim cemetery will follow.

From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, the Rodia Centre, 2871 St. Joseph Boulevard, a mosque Yasmin attended, will host a gathering of the community to remember Yasmin after the Isha evening prayer. Tea and coffee will be served.

A Celebration of Life will take place within 2 weeks. Further information will be posted as a Facebook event.

No flowers please! An opportunity to donate to a favorite cause of Yasmin’s will be provided at the Celebration of Life.