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Humans for peace Institution has established a subdivision group under the name "Youth for Peace", to engage youth in the community including the new comers.

Youth are the future, so HPI wants the positive and active attitude to help the youth building brighter future and form collaborations that promote messages of peace, tolerance, and unity.  All youth share common ideals and aspirations towards peace and unity. Youth for Peace seeks to advocate peace and democracy through youth participation, guided by the principles of human dignity, nationalism and the common good.


By concentrating their efforts on field work—community services—youth volunteers increase capacity building at the grassroots level. Youth work directly with communities and are in close contact with local authorities and residents. The founding interest of all the YFP members has been to include younger generations in the decisions of the present which affect their future.


Youth are also beneficiaries - both in the sense that they benefit directly from programs and that they receive training and valuable life experience being a part of the team. In fact, our HPI is often their first exposure to life's more difficult realities. At the same time, they are part of the communities where these realities are created: they have the strongest desire and motivation to build and improve their situation, to build a better tomorrow. They bring innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, energy, tolerance, respect for others, the desire to discover, question, listen and understand, to test, to try out, plan, redo and rebuild, and share their successes and their pain, with smiles or with tears. They dare to dream. 


Young people may not have the same day-to-day obligations as those ten, twenty, thirty years their seniors, but the pressures of exams, relationships, employment - and indeed HIV/AIDS are all the more real to them as they face them for the first time. Youth must be able to get on with their lives, but always know that they have a home in HPI. HPI will offer for the youth:

  1. Anti-drug camping.
  2. Sports engagement.
  3. Social integration.
  4. Youth and leadership.
  5. Mental Health Monitoring.
  6. Inter-faith and intercultural conferences.
  7.  Volunteering and close engagement within the local community.
  8. Lectures about technology and the safe use of social media.
  9. Self-security and safety.
  10. Reconciliation with indigenous peoples.
  11. Sharing civic duties.
  12. Knowing our responsibilities.
  13. Gender equality.
  14. Human rights camping.
  15. Self-development.
  16. Know the Canadian values and rights