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Interview at  http://pierretteraymond.com/bridging-community-family-and-peace/ 

Dr. Jamal Alsharif is the Founder and President of Humans For Peace Institution, a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to working with Canadians from all backgrounds to address social change.

He is the recipient of the Senate of Canada SesquicentennialMedal, the Province of Ontario Volunteer Award, he has also received awards from the Council of Arab League Ambassadors in Canada and holds a PhD in Surgery.

His focus is on connecting families, children and community. Most recently, he brought together Syrian children together to create a beautiful initiative to give back to the community through different causes such as CHEO, the Canadian Blood Services, and The Ottawa Inuit’s Children Centre. His drive and passion promotes social change, gender equality and empowerment of female immigrants as well as youth and children with PTSD.

To support and connect with the Humans For peace Institution go to: humanspeace.org