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Your gift of $25 is all it takes for a child in poverty to receive a present this year. For some children, this will be the first time they've ever had a special gift just for them.

For each $25 gift, Humans for Peace Institution receives in-country staff who know and love these children will choose a thoughtful, personalized present for each boy and girl. Charity gifts like dolls, soccer balls or toy cars. But also much-needed items like new shoes, school supplies, backpacks and more.

Humans for Peace Institution is a non-profit that cares about more than just helping children in poverty gain access to basic needs. We also understand the importance of providing the opportunity to learn life skills that will help sustain their lives as they grow. Through your generous gift, some kids are given sewing kits to learn how to make and sell clothes. Others may be excited to build jewellery, learn how to code, build things, or teach things.

Consider starting a new year tradition this year. Maybe this year, rethink what “gift-giving” means. Maybe this year, while you shop for gift cards and toys for your loved ones, consider donating a few of those dollars to brighten the life of a child in poverty. A child who might otherwise get nothing this year. Your charitable gift can show love to the world’s poorest children.

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Humans for Peace Institution, repressed by its senator in Madagascar Mr.
Harilala Jet, did distribute some Christmas gifts last week.