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A project collecting kids’ shoes and clothes for Christe Lake Kids camp.



Humans for Peace Institution partnered with several local communities and schools and launched a program for the month of Ramadan to collect gently used or new kids’ shoes and clothes to support Christe Lake Kids (6 to 16 years old girls and boys).


With a proud history of 97 years, Christe Lake Kids runs a 100% free afterschool program, weekend program, and summer camp for kids from families with low income.

All children should have the chance to experience the beauty of the natural world – to swim in a lake, paddle a canoe, and sit by a campfire. Every year, almost 400 children and youth aged 9 - 15 attend two weeks of summer camp at the picturesque 88-acre camp near Perth.

On the surface, our summer program resembles that of many other camps. The difference is that our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of children living in poverty. Exceptional staff ratios allow for hours of dedicated behaviour management, all activities are geared towards the development of physical and socio-emotional skills, and our programs are fully subsidized for families living in low-income.

During their time at camp, children learn core skills in the areas of swimming, canoeing, camping, ecology, art and drama, rock-climbing and leadership. Each summer campers earn a new, higher level of badge in each of these skill areas. In working through the program, children find they have accomplished things they never thought were possible, and are more resilient to face challenges in life. They have learned they can succeed, and they take this improved self-image back to their activities in the city.

Our camp programs do more than just provide children and youth with life-long memories. Our programs help develop resiliency, allowing these children to lead happy and successful lives.

We at Humans for Peace Institution simply ask people to take an action, send the message to their circle and collect as many shoes and clothes as they can.  31 bags of shoes and clothes were delivered on Eid Day o the camp.


Put yourself in these kids’ shoes and let's support our future.