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Canada – On Saturday, April 14, hundreds of Syrians from Coast to Coast to Coast showed their gratitude to Canada by participating in a nationwide blood donation campaign administrated by Humans for Peace Institution.

Since the Syrian refugee wave began in late 2015, Canada has welcomed close to 40,000 Syrians who fled a brutal civil war in their country that has been raging for more than seven years.

To show their appreciation to their new country, Syrians donated blood in more than 10 different Canadian cities.

  1. Halifax, NS
  2. Montreal, QC
  3. Ottawa, ON
  4. Toronto, ON
  5. Winnipeg, MB
  6. Moose Jaw, SK
  7. Regina, SK
  8. Calgary, AB
  9. Vancouver, BC

This campaign initiative has been initiated by Humans for Peace based in Ottawa. However, there was groups in each city coordinating each local campaign.

“We strongly believe in the tradition of being grateful. Canada and its people opened its doors to thousands of desperate Syrians who wanted nothing more than to find a safe home for them and their children,” said an Ottawa-based organizer Abdulnour Sakhniya (VP for youth affairs at Humans for Peace Institution. And also he added “On behalf of all the Syrians in Canada, as Syrians, We strongly believe in the tradition of being grateful and to pay back favors. We also strongly believe in Community Involvement. Therefore, We Syrians Acknowledge the big Favor that Canada has on the Syrian Canadian Community.”


“We want to send a strong message to Canadians that we want to give back and be part of the Canadian community,” adding the goal is to turn this into an annual day of memory for Syrian Canadians.

“We have a dream that the 14th of April will be Day of Memory, a Symbol of Gratitude and a bridge to connect many Canadian Communities with ours, and that the next Syrian generations will continue that tradition and remember.” Said founder and president of Humans for Peace Institution Dr Mohd Jamal Alsharif.


Each local organization had collaborated with the local Canadian Blood Services Centres and Héma-Québec. The level of participation depended on the staffing and capacities of the local Blood Donation Clinics, but many more Syrians wanted to participate.


Humans for Peace Institution and Ottawa Chinese-Canadian Heritage Centre handled as cheque as donation from the Syrian for Peace initiative.



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